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Please note that the contents of our BOOKSHELF BASKETS can vary - the quality of our books and woven items never does


Anytime reading

Books for Children's Centres and Community Buildings


High quality titles at only £2.00 per book


Great for fundraising!

Priced to encourage families, parents and carers to get reading at home!

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Frequently asked questions?



1. What is dolphinBOOKSHELF? is the site of a project to deliver more children's books into Children's Centres and community buildings.


We sell you beautiful books and woven willow baskets to display them in.


2. Can I sell the books?


Absolutely, that is what they are for.


Every time we refresh your basket(s)

we invoice you or give you a cash receipt for audit

...see next column.


3. What do I sell them for?


You sell them for £2 or above...


4. Do I make a surplus to contribute to the running costs of my Centre or community building?


Yes you can, by adjusting the cover price of your books.


Thank you!


You're welcome.


5. Do I need to buy another willow basket every time I order books?


No - each basket becomes your 'point of display'. The basket in your first delivery is free.  

We refill it, or them, from then on.


6. Can I buy more baskets for my community kitchen or as storage for the community library?


Certainly, just contact us or email and we'll quote you a price and a delivery date.


10. How will I track my sales?


Every book basket comes with a dolphinBOOKSHELF Admin Box, if you need it.


In practice, most book basket customers just refresh their titles and cash up then, as needed , from their own records. We can help you establish a system that works, from our experience.


A slim rigid container that contains book order forms, your stock/sales sheets and somewhere to put all our fabulous bookmarks and extra book orders from parents and carers as they arrive.


It is really easy to mark down your sales on the form (and the payment) and keep track of the cash - the form matches your stock delivery.


11. Who looks after my cash?


You do.


12. Is there a person at your end of the computer?


There certainly is.

                     Sue Martin


You can reach Sue at our Cambridge office 01223 911416 or email...


Your Admin Box for your BOOKSHELF products is slim, clean and easy to store.


Rigid enough to use as a support whilst writing at the point of sale, it also enables you to keep all your papers, orders and cash control sheets in one place.


Helping you generate a surplus for your Centre or setting.


Box includes...

Order forms

Replypaid envelopes

Sales and cash sheets

Big bookmarks

Event posters

Bookshelf basket

sales management